When Zero is Good for Your Bottom Line

Posted by Dough Bush | Compliance Officer | Opus CMC | Date: 6 April 2016

There’s a significant opportunity for lenders to boost bottom line profits and gain competitive advantage by taking on a new, zero-tolerance approach to quality control. According Moody’s Investors Services, TRID defects were found in 90% of loan files reviewed by third parties. Lenders and investors attribute these defects to delayed closings, productivity issues, increasing origination costs, and investor reluctance. With that in mind, how will lending institutions continue to grow and evolve while effectively managing risk? 

A Toast to the New Culture of Compliance

Posted by Rudy Zabran | Managing Director | Opus CMC | Date: 21 Jan 2016

As we've entered into a new year, it's very clear that mortgage businesses have experienced significant changes to their processes, technologies, and best practices. The most significant change, however, is the re-calibration of mortgage businesses to ensure a more holistic risk management approach. From TRID implementation to vendor management and data security, compliance is not just a requirement, it is the new norm. To thrive in this compliance-driven environment, mortgage industry participants must remain aware and adaptable to regulatory change and ensure that compliance isn’t just a series of tasks but an organized strategy embedded into your overall operation.