Are you effectively managing Quality Control across all the key areas of your organization including processes, people, and technology? What are the key risks present in your operation today and what do you need to watch? An effective QA/QC program starts with a solid foundation into your risk organization and structure. The significant shifts in risk management are placing new pressures on quality control executives, requiring consistent and regular evaluation of internal and third party control environments. As the potential for gaps in your QA/QC practices grow, it is even more important to ask both strategic and tactical questions that prompt a heightened level of performance and program enhancement. 

In Opus CMC’s new comprehensive assessment paper, we have outlined Five Tenets of Quality Control to help industry peers ask the important questions that prevent risk, mature your QA/QC plan and identify opportunities for improvement. From risk org structure and stakeholder requirements to corrective action plans, The Five Tenets of Quality Control helps you take a more holistic view of your QA/QC plans. You can download the paper by visiting