Recently, Opus CMC’s Senior Application Architect Corey Miller won an award given to individuals in the finance industry who serve their companies in outstanding ways; HousingWire’s Insiders Award 2016. When we read about leaders in any industry, we often want to hear about their career path and inspirations. Of course, we love the inspiration but it is also fun to know a little bit about the person behind the success. In this blog, we asked Corey to share information about his career success as well as some little known facts that make him who he is: 

He Always Reaches for the Top - In the ever evolving technical field Corey has consistently endeavored to rise to the next level of achievement.  He has been recognized five times as a “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional” for Client Application Development.  This reward signifies outstanding technical contribution to the wider technical community through blogging, podcasts, and public speaking. 

He’s a Team Builder – After joining Opus, Corey went to work catalyzing the application development team to grow in ability, agility, and size.  By identifying areas where Opus could migrate parts of their applications into smaller components, and challenging every developer to take advantage of the best tools, the delivery team can now respond to client requests faster, with less system downtime, and at the same time growing the team’s technical know-how.  With every passing project Corey extracts feedback from Opus users to continually refine the use of the agile software methodology to create better products. Furthermore, this approach allows new developers to become familiar with specific applications without being overwhelmed by a monolithic code base, decreasing the cost of onboarding new talent, and getting new developers at Opus delivering code faster.

He’s Creative and Innovative – Prior to studying Computer Science, and Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue, Corey attended design school for 2D and 3D, which gave him the foundation to user interface design that is creative, strategic, and intuitive..  To say the least, he has ignited enthusiasm within Opus CMC for application development by pairing aesthetics with technology modernization. His creativity and passion have infectiously spread to the rest of the development team creating a culture that drives to create solutions that thrill their users, and customers.

He is Client-Focused - When tackling new challenges, Corey collaborates with Opus CMC leaders to identify underlying issues and propose solutions that improve user efficiency, alter processes, increase effectiveness, advance accuracy, or transform the mindset of the organization, opening pathways to new possibilities.

He is a BBQ Master - Corey’s passion for BBQ, and smoked meats probably cannot be met by many except the most ardent of foodies.  Most weekends you can find him working on creating a perfect brisket, ribs, or even trying out a smoked pizza.  Even a harsh Chicago winter does not do much to hamper his great cooking. Everyone benefits when he makes a bit too much and he has to share the left overs with his team.

He’s Competitive - If you want an easy way to get Corey’s attention let him know you have faster code, you can program it better, you have a better solution, or you obviously have a better BBQ.  He will gladly step up to the plate and take on your challenge to seek out the truth.  While all done in good fun everybody learns and even when Corey loses he gives credit where credit is due.  This probably can be owed to growing up in Elkhart Indiana with a dad as a pastor, and a working southern mother who did not let Corey get away with much.  Although she still buys him a lot of his clothes, he is an only child after all.  We are all thankful she has a great fashion sense.

He is a Solution Builder/Architect – While Corey wears many hats at Opus, he primarily works to make sure that every solution fits into the big picture of Opus’ technology stack, while laying the foundations for the next horizon, and aligning them to Opus’ core vision and ethos.  Opus Acuity, Corey’s advanced diligence platform, benefited from many of the building blocks laid down in previous projects compliance and calculation projects for evaluating loan data.  This allowed the team to focus on the new challenges of building a platform responsive to the business needs for dynamic data, and responsive reporting.

Passion – All of the things above, and countless more are fueled most of all by Corey’s incredible passion and love for life and the people he shares it with.  This resonates most of all from his love of family, his wife, his son, his daughter, one dog and a cat on the way.  From there it seeps into the work he does at Opus, and into his team.  At times Corey may get blustery… but know it comes from the passion and love he has for what he does, whatever it maybe. Only children sometimes get a bad rap, but Corey gladly gives his time, knowledge, brisket, and efforts to others with great ardor to everyone’s benefit and appetites.  On a serious note, most of us spend the majority of our time at work and everyone should be lucky as Corey to spend each day solving problems that he is passionate about.